Bad Posture No More, Thanks To A Tee Designed With Posture Alignment Technology

An ultralight T-shirt with Posture Alignment Technology, the perfect remedy to improve your posture while running, working or just slouching.

Posture affects everything. With poor posture, your mind and body will suffer from fatigue, migraines, back pain, neck pain, depression, poor circulation/digestion, and sluggish thinking and movement. Fighting this common problem is a new tee called the Posture Reminder T-shirt. A definite must-have wardrobe staple, the ultra-light top has been designed with posture alignment technology which makes it the perfect remedy for those who usually find themselves hunched and slouching over.

The Posture Reminder T-shirt Image Credit: Swedish Posture

The brainchild of start-up, Swedish Posture, the t-shirt promises to improve bad posture, which is known to cause back and neck pain, stress symptoms and headache. On the drive behind the Posture Reminder T-shirt, Emma Phil, Founder of Team Swedish Posture, told, “We wanted to create something that was made out of quality materials and was affordable. The Posture Alignment Technology is a combination of a unique back panel that guides the user to keep shoulder blades together and the design of the shoulders that position them in a natural position, rolled back.”

What is Posture Alignment Technology?

Posture Alignment Technology is a combination of a back panel that guides the user to keep shoulder blades together. When shoulder blades are held back, and the spine is aligned, you automatically activate muscles and engage the core while standing and sitting. The T-shirt does not need compression to make you stand tall; it’s loose and comfortable around the waist which makes it esthetic for all bodies and suitable for all occasions. When worn, the Posture Reminder T-shirt should help the wearer have an upright body and straight back and shoulder blades together.

The Posture Reminder T-shirt Image Credit: Swedish Posture

The function is the material, stretchiness and measurements of the sleeves and an inside layer. The shirt has selves of an elastic material with resistance. The sleeves are attached with a back part double to the shirt. The elastic layer is shorter than the cotton fabric. The function this gives is a stretch when the person with the shirt is not keeping shoulder blades together. The physiology to keep shoulder blades together needs engaged core muscles. The shirt works with biofeedback as a reminder. The inside layer doesn’t feel at all while the person is upright only when the person slouches.

The Posture Reminder T-shirt Image Credit: Swedish Posture

Designed to always remind you about your posture, you can wear the Posture Reminder T-shirt anytime, whether you are working, running, walking or working out. If you would like to grab one, you better do it fast, because the tees are proving quite popular. Having only launched a few days ago, they have already gained support from 209 backers who have already pledged €10,623, surpassing their €4,407 goal. With the super-early bird offer already sold out, you can still pledge $48.00, saving you about 40% off the retail price of $79.95. The T-shirt is available in small to extra large for men and extra small to large for women. Estimated delivery is February 2019. Fund the campaign.

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