Tretorn’s Eco Essentials Range, A Collection Free of Damaging Plastics That Can’t be Recycled

Introducing Trenton's very chic, very Scandi, high quality, eco-friendly rain jackets.

Swedish brand Tretorn has launched their Eco Essentials range for AW18. Founded in 1891, the Heritage brand’s latest collection does not only acknowledge the climate challenges facing the world, the company as a whole is re-evaluating and adapted their 125-year-old design process to echo the demand for environmentally friendly products.

The storm blue aw18 wings rain jacket | Image credit: Tretorn

On the exciting journey to re-set the company and brand direction Fredrik Ekström, Head of Sustainability affairs, Tretorn Europe, said: “We know efficiency alone is not enough. The world needs a systemic change at scale, and to meet this change we need to develop how we interact with nature. We need to collaborate rather than compete. And we need to start to look upon waste as a resource and adapt to a more circular mindset. We believe the future of innovation is sustainable innovation.”

What I like about each style is the fact that the pieces have been designed to be recyclable again, made from fishnets or other ocean and household waste, it’s biodegradable and it does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals in the form of PVC, fluorocarbons and phthalates etc. Also, the materials used are part of a full circle renewable source adapted to be recycled again.

“We believe the future of innovation is sustainable innovation.”

The weather-proof parkas are available in rich khaki’s and soft pastels have been designed with innovation and functionality.  The Eco Essentials range is made up of a number of different eco-friendly projects that include the Ghost Net Collection and The Bio-Degradable Project. The Ghost Net Collection was created from discarded fishing nets from Korean harbours take what would otherwise end up at the bottom of the ocean to form highly durable, structured rain jackets in a durable yet refreshingly breathable material. The Bio-Degradable Project is a 100% biodegradable, organic jacket designed from Poly Lactic Acid, biodegradable zippers and printed with soybean colours, allowing the traditionally styled outerwear to become fully recyclable.

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Today Tretorn also provides sports- and leisure products including rubber boots, leisure footwear, hunting and riding boots, rain gear and tennis balls. Tretorn is currently sold throughout the UK in a number of stockists including John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Topman. They are also available to buy online from Tretorn. Prices depend on style and start from £65.00.

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