Fitbit Charge 3, Intelligently Crafted To Offer Auto Sleep Tracking, Fitbit Pay & 7 days of Battery Life

The latest evolution from the wearable brand Fitbit, the Fitbit Charge 3, will offer a deeper evaluation of sleep quality plus tracking for breathing disruptions that could indicate health issues and more.

The Fitbit Charge 3, the latest device from wearables brand Fitbit, is now available worldwide. Bragging a premium swim-proof design with a large touchscreen display, Fitbit announced today: “This is our most advanced health and fitness features on a tracker, and is our smartest tracker yet – all powered by up to 7 days of battery life.”


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Fitbit has been empowering fitness enthusiasts with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals since 2013. Considered to be the leading global wearables brand, the San Francisco based company has so far launched a diverse line of innovative and popular products that include Fitbit Charge 3™, Fitbit Alta HR™, Fitbit Alta®, Fitbit Ace™, Fitbit Flex 2®, and Fitbit Zip® activity trackers, as well as the Fitbit Ionic™ and Fitbit Versa™ smartwatches, Fitbit Flyer™ wireless headphones, Fitbit Aria 2™Wi-Fi Smart Scale and now the Fitbit Charge 3.

“We’ve seen amazing consumer reception and strong pre-orders for Charge 3, which are even better than Versa in its first six weeks”

Part of the Charge franchise, the intelligently crafted Charge 3, available for $149.95 (USD), can be worn around the clock to help users take action thanks to its health and fitness sensors and algorithms. “We’ve seen amazing consumer reception and strong pre-orders for Charge 3, which are even better than Versa in its first six weeks, underscoring why the Charge family has been our most popular product line for the past few years,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. Capable of assisting with goal-based exercise modes and swim tracking, the device has also been designed to help with female health tracking and sleep Insight. Lightweight and durable, Charge 3 is intuitive, interactive and is the first wearable with an inductive button.

Use Fitbit Charge 3 with the Fitbit app to track periods, record symptoms and estimate ovulation and fertility windows. | Image Credit: Fitbit

Why Fitbit Charge 3 Is The Smartest Tracker Yet

As the first wearable brand to introduce sleep tracking in 2009, Fitbit also announced that its Fitbit Labs Sleep Score beta program would be open for enrollment to qualifying Fitbit users starting in November. Fitbit users who are accepted into the beta will receive a nightly score that provides a complete picture of their overall sleep and what factors affect it based on critical metrics tracked by any Fitbit device with advanced 24/7 PurePulse heart rate For devices with a relative SpO2 sensor, including Fitbit Charge 3TM, Fitbit IonicTM and Fitbit VersaTM, Fitbit will also be testing for breathing disruptions. In the future, with FDA approval, the data from this sensor technology could indicate more serious health conditions, like sleep apnea.

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On what the Charge 3 has to offer Park said: “Charge 3 is our most innovative tracker yet, featuring our most advanced sensor technology, bringing the relative SpO2 sensor to the tracker form factor for the first time. Data from this sensor will feed into the upcoming launch of our Fitbit Labs Sleep Score beta, which will allow users to understand metrics like their sleep quality and breathing disturbances better. In the future, with FDA approval, this data could be used to screen and detect more serious health conditions, such as sleep apnea.”

See how long you’re in light, deep and REM sleep and get personalised insights to learn how to get better rest. | Image Credit: Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 3 will be available at global retail partner stores worldwide, including Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s Target, Verizon and Walmart beginning October 7. The device will also be available for sale at, and major online retailers for $149.95 (USD) in black with a graphite aluminium case or blue-grey with a rose gold aluminium case; accessories range from $29.95-$49.95 (USD). Coming soon, Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition with Fitbit Pay will be available for $169.95 (USD). Shop now.

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