Digital Health at CES 2019, Where The Digital Health Ecosystem Comes Together

At the upcoming CES 2019, the Las Vegas-based event will be exploring how wearable technology in the medical field is breaking the barriers between doctors’ offices and home care.

If you are looking to attend CES at the beginning of 2019, make sure that you also check out the Digital Health section that promises to give those attending a hands-on experience with the latest innovations revolutionising the healthcare system. The curated space, which 2018 had 200 leaders in digital health, is inspired by the advancements currently taking place in digital therapeutics, AI, remote patient monitoring and more. Besides the medical gadgets, CES’ digital health will also be addressing real-world issues like opioid dependence, mental illness and chronic disease.

Image Credit: CES

Technology is putting healthcare directly in the hands of consumers. From remote monitoring products to wearables to diagnostic solutions, the healthcare industry is embracing new tools and technologies to enhance the patient experience. According to CES, they are currently the only forum where physicians, healthcare providers, medical device firms and government agencies can experience hands-on demonstrations of digital health solutions that will make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives from exhibitors like Aetna, dnaNudge, Philips, Medically Home and more.

Image Credit: CES

From Fitbit to Phillips, we are looking forward to discovering the different types of technologies revolutionising the healthcare ecosystem and also discover what’s possible in the world of digital health and how the power of technology is enabling patients to take control of their healthcare through wearables and AI advancements. Watch this space for further information.

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