Femtech Brand Elvie Puts New Mama’s First By Launching Silent Wearable Breast Pump

British femtech brand Elvie unveils their latest innovation, designed to bring the breast pumping experience into the 21s​t century.

Giving time and independence back to pumping mothers, Elvie has developed a silent wearable pump that fits into a standard nursing bra. Offering more freedom and mobility, the Elvie Pump’s design is all about putting women at the centre and giving them an entirely new pumping experience.

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Named one of the 15 startups “To Watch” by The Sunday Times, Elvie is a British brand known for developing smarter technology for women. Founded in 2013, Elvie creates extraordinary products to improve women’s health and lives. Their first product, Elvie Trainer, is an award-winning pelvic floor trainer and app that helps women strengthen the pelvic floor via fun, five-minute workouts. Elvie Trainer is recommended by more than 1,000 health professionals worldwide to enhance pelvic floor muscle training compliance, technique and outcomes.

Elvie’s latest device, the hands-free pump, is entirely different from the devices that we are used too. With this particular pump, users do not have to worry about cords, wardrobe changes or the loud sound that the traditional electric breast pumps can make. Worn under clothing, Elvie Pump is less labour-intensive, discrete, soundless and it connects to a free smartphone app that allows women to view real-time milk volume and track their pumping history for each breast. This is all possible because the Elvie Pump uses proprietary technology to detect the amount of milk in the bottle, enabling it to identify when the bottle is full and automatically pause the pump. Users can also control the pump from their phone, avoiding the need to fiddle with buttons on the pump inside their bra.

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“Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful. We spoke to many women about the struggles they experience post-pregnancy, and it became obvious that outdated pumping technology was a real obstacle for women wanting to provide breast milk for their baby,” said Tania Boler, Founder and CEO of Elvie. “Women need technology that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, especially at a time of so much change. We designed Elvie Pump to make breast pumping as easy, streamlined and flexible as possible for mums. We aim to transform the way women think and feel about themselves by providing the tools to address the issues that matter most to them, and Elvie Pump does just that. We’re excited to be launching a product we know will be a huge leap forward in this space.”

“Women need technology that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, especially at a time of so much change.”

The Elvie Pump Product features include a single-user, closed system electric pump, a 5oz. reusable, BPA free bottles that are dishwasher and microwave safe, stimulation and expression modes and seven intensity settings that provide complete control over what feels comfortable and works most efficiently. I personally love the fact that Elvie has taken into account how a new mother’s time is super precious. Having been one myself,  I am sure that many breastfeeding mamas would appreciate being given the power to pump on their terms.

Image Credit: Elvie

Retailing for $479.00 for a double unit, the Elvie Pump isn’t cheap, but for your buck you get some great features, plus a rechargeable via USB and breast shields in two sizes for the best fit. Compatible with iPhones 5S and newer (iOS10+) and Android phones with version 6 and newer that support Bluetooth Low Energy, it is also worth noting that the device will be available in physical retail stores nationally later this year pending FDA approval, but until then you can grab one at Elvie.com and Amazon.com.

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