This Season’s Must-Have Is Mylo, A Beautiful, Sustainably-made Vegan Tote By Bolt Threads

Are you ready to invest in Mylo™ Driver, the first commercially available tote made of mycelium?

At the end of last month Bolt Threads, a materials innovation company known for using proprietary technology and revolutionary bioengineering concepts to create better materials launched its first commercially available product – The Bolt Projects Mylo™ Driver Bag.

Bolt Threads
Photo Credit: Bolt Threads

We have been big fans of Bolt Threads for a while and can report that Mylo is not their first project. They have also worked with British designer Stella McCartney to create a custom knitted one-of-a-kind gold dress, made entirely of Bolt Thread’s signature protein-based yarn. Before collaborating with Stella, Bolt Threads also created a knit necktie made of 100% Boltspun spider silk back in March 2017.

Mylo, A Modern Take on Leather Grown from Mycelium

Constructed entirely from Bolt Threads’ Mylo™ material, the bag was created with leather grown from mycelium, a root structure of mushroom and finished off with a canvas base. Mycelium grows underground in the soil. It forms vast networks of threads that help recycle organic matter on the forest floor while providing nutrients to plants and trees. The threads interweave and self-assemble into a 3D matrix that can spread for miles.

Photo Credit: Bolt Threads

Every tote is hand-cut and sewn with practical functionality and longevity top of mind – combining innovative and sustainable materials with high-quality design, and representing the future of leather accessories. “Our friends at Ecovative pioneered this mycelium fabrication technology, which literally grew out of the great work they’ve been doing in creating soft flexible foams. We’re optimizing this technology to produce commercial-ready Mylo™ material and bring products to market that consumers will love”, shared the Bolt Threads team.

The bag was created with leather grown from mycelium, a root structure of mushroom | Image Credit: Bolt Threads

Designed in collaboration with Portland-based brand Chester Wallace, who is known for premium craftsmanship and a commitment to high-quality products. “Chester Wallace was the perfect partner for us to bring our vision to life, given the brand’s in-depth understanding of dynamic material behaviour and careful attention to detail,” they state on their Kickstarter page.

Photo Credit: Bolt Threads

With 17 days to go,  €51,096 has already been pledged, which is higher than their original €34,201 goal thanks to 199 backers. If you would like to back the first commercially available unisex tote made of Mycelium, then you can pre-order on their Kickstarter page. Prices begin from €128.00 and you get to choose from 4 different tiers. First bags will be delivered to backers Spring 2019. Make Your Pledge.

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