Skin Project’s TAN BAN, A Luxury Scarf Designed To Replace Your Sunscreen

Skin Project founder Meghna Ghodavat TAN BAN scarf brings innovation to the beauty tech space in India

There are currently whispers about a scarf called TAN BAN by the Skin Project; a beauty-tech company motivated to come up with a sustainable and effective path to skin preservation.

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Promising to be unveiled soon, the TAN BAN is a sun protection scarf made of fabrics blended with a unique combination of micro and nanotechnology which enables the percolations of Vitamin E into the blood through the pores of the skin. The soft luxury scarf has inbuilt UPF 50+ which gives the wearer’s skin 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays that are known to cause things like sun spots, skin sagging, wrinkles and skin cancer.

TAN BAN, Looking to Up Your Fashion Quotient

The TAN BAN scarf is an idea dreamed up by Skin Project founder Meghna Ghodavat. The eco-friendly innovation is made out of natural bamboo, and it will protect and nourish all that it covers, whether that be the face, hair, neck and décolletage.

Besides the cooling effect on the skin, the TAN BAN scarf also gives wearers anti-ageing benefits by protecting the skin from 93-98 per cent radiation. This is thanks to the vitamin E-infused variant that helps to keep the skin supple and soft.

Image Credit: Skin Project

Mainly targeting women who wear a scarf every day, Ghodavat would like to see every hijab-wearing women enjoying the benefits of TAN BAN. She told Vogue India; ” Skin Project, innovation is everything. We have already started research on our next fabric, and it will elevate anti-ageing even further than [what] we have now. Skin Project is looking to get into mainstream fashion and clothing, and we have Skilixir, our collagen drink, which was also the first in the country. A lot in the pipeline! Fingers crossed, we want to put India on the world map as an innovator in luxury fashion and skincare technology”.

Although price and availability are yet to be given, what we do know is that for every scarf bought, 5% of the sales will go toward organisations involved in wildlife conservation and women empowerment organisations.

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