The Wearable Device Using Ionisation Technology To Influence The Environment We Live In

As poor air quality continues to increase in Asthma and Allergies, Cancers and Dementia, could Airvida, a Wearable Purifier, be the solution?

Did you know that indoor spaces are up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? This is a fact that makes poor air quality a constant concern, and that is why we think that everyone should have AirVida Wearable Air Purifier in their life. The device, that sits around the neck, is a portable purifier that uses ionisation technology to remove particles from the air around you making it clean and safe to breathe. The ionisers emit 20 million ions per cubic centimetre, eliminating particles, bacteria, pollen and dust from the air around you.

Founders behind the idea are Chris and Toni. They formed Vybra Solutions in February 2016 with the goal to come up with good quality environment solutions for the home, office and schools. Focusing their attention on creating healthy air and making changes to peoples lives, the company has come up with the kind of solutions designed to benefit and improve health, performance and the environment in every way.

Our favourite has to be the AirVida. Chargeable via USB, the device will give the wearer 32 hours of usage in between charges. Light and comfortable to wear, features include the ability to reduce PM2.5, Pollen and Formaldehyde, protection against bacteria, cigarette smoke and pet dander. The fanless design is also capable of providing 2,000,000 negative ions,100 times more than a natural forest. With no replacement filters required, the Airvida Wearable Purifier is priced £199.99 and is available in pink, black or white. Shop Now.

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