Lumen, A Small Wearable Device Reinventing Weight Management By Hacking Your Metabolism

Lumen has found out the secret to sustainable weight loss through tracking and monitoring your metabolism.

Imagine being able to, in a single breath, to see if your body is burning fat or carbs. This is what pocket-size device Lumen does. It is your very own nutritionist capable of telling you in real time how you are doing and adjust accordingly. I like how the device makes you accountable for what you put in your body, allowing you to see how your body is working.

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Lumen, Your Workout Whisperer

Founded by Dror Cedar, Lumen is the creation of a team of scientists, engineers and designers. Their aim is to find a sustainable solution that will improve the way people eat and manage their bodies so they can live a healthier life. By measuring the level of CO2 in your breath, Lumen reveals if your body is burning fats or carbs. If you are still wondering “but how precisely does Lumen measure your metabolism through my breath?’ Well, when you breathe into the Lumen device, it measures and analyses the various gases in your breath (especially Co2) through different sensors in the device. The concentration of various gases in your breath tells Lumen what your cells are burning for energy – carbs or fats.

The Lumen device measures and analyses the various gases in your breath (especially Co2) through different sensors in the device.

To also understand how Lumen works you need to understand how metabolism works. Influenced by a wide array of factors like genetics, age, weight, gender, hormones, body composition, exercise, diet and eating habits, psychological state, environmental factors and sleep, metabolism occurs in every cell of your body. It is a process by which our body converts the food you eat into energy for immediate or later use. Providing you with a new way of thinking about nutrition and diet, the small device helps you measure your metabolism and see whats working and not working in the comfort of your own home. You can track your metabolism by analysing how yesterday’s meals and activities are affecting your metabolism today, and what to do to reach your personal goals. With the Lumen device, you will also receive personalised daily nutrition plan according to your metabolism and goals

So far the NY based startup has raised, USD 139,527 raised on Indiegogo thanks to 712 backers. This is 279% of their original $50,000 goal. With a month still to go, you can still grab one for a special price of $199.00, 33% off the RRP $299.00. With an estimated delivery on February 2019, you will receive a Lumen Device, travel case, charging dock and a free iOS & Android App.

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