Fashion Tech: IoClothes Founder Ben Cooper Launches “30 in 30” Free Video Series

Fashion tech insider Ben Cooper shares his business and product insights, helping to move the industry forward.

A great way to start a relationship is by giving. It is an understanding that paves the way when you are building a community and are looking for growth that makes a difference. With the inevitable expansion of the wearable tech and smart textile industry in mind, Ben Cooper, founder of the innovation platform IoClothes, has started his 30 videos in 30 days free video series with the intent to spark a collision of ideas to move the industry forward.

IoClothes is an online platform that was founded in 2017. It aims to provide the resources needed to build a network across industries to facilitate collaboration and accelerate innovation in the apparel, footwear and textile industries. On the series, I haven’t yet seen a 30-day program of the areas that will be covered, but I expect the forum discussions will entail a wide range of fashion tech affairs like integrating technology in textiles, wearable technologies, energy harvesting and touch upon industry standards and guidelines.

Ben Cooper: “Build on Momentum We’ve Collectively Created”

On the release, Ben shared with FashNerd: “We’ve had the great fortune of attending some amazing events across the industry this past spring/summer. The biggest downer is walking away from a great 2-day event and having the collective industry put their heads back down and get ‘back to work’!” He continued: “We decided to launch the “30 in 30” videos series to continue the conversation, ignite thoughtful debate and brainstorm regardless of where in the world you are, your experience, your expertise [in the smart products world] or availability to attend. The internet is a powerful place. We think that 30-days of daily videos will build on the momentum we’ve collectively created at these in-person events.”

The video series aims to spark a conversation that could offer many different perspectives, more ideally, the follow up will go deep into the various topics that will be covered. You can interact in the comments section of the vlog, which can be a significant advantage to developers, engineers and scientists who are working in the wearable technology, fashion tech space and beyond. I feel that this way of transferring knowledge will help democratise different industries that are willing to future-proof themselves whether you are working for one of the big tech boys or when you are in a startup.

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Be ready for us to tickle Ben’s brain a bit more in the next few weeks for FashNerd in the form of a Q&A. The series launched last Monday, July 23rd. Sign up for the series here.

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