Intelligent Smart Bracelets Fluid, Plus And Contrarié Are Finally Available To Own

With 27 days still to go, and €19,431 already pledged of their €20,000 goal, it looks like Wearable Italia's smart bracelets have been well received.

We first wrote about Wearable Italia’s ProdigIO smart bracelet collection back in June 2017 following a conversation with Alessandra Lombardi. Now a year later, the beautiful, intelligent bracelets designed to monitor your well being, delivers your most important notifications and acts as your personal security device by sending a GPS location at the press of a button, is now finally available for purchase.

An Interesting Mix of Technology Meets Italian Style

Merging fashion and technology the trio of intelligent bracelets are available in Silver, Gold and Ruthenium. Designed by Roberto Ferlito, the three bracelets, Fluid, Plus and Contrarié, have successfully combined artisan production with the latest cutting edge technology. Traditional yet modern, it is easy to appreciate how Ferlito’s vision fits in perfectly with the spirit of what consumers expect of smart jewellery. The soul of the bracelet was produced by master goldsmiths who boast over thirty years of experience. Working on the ProdigIO jewels, they managed to perfect a process that made sure that every detail in each bracelet was different.

When it comes to the technology, ProdigIO bracelets contain patented technology that allows them to communicate via Bluetooth with a dedicated app, which operates on iOS, Android and Windows. Features include a calorie counter, workout recording and monitoring, a pedometer, an alarm and incoming messages like calls, SMS, email, social networks.  With batteries that can last up to 10-15 days without recharging, we love how the ProdigIO bracelets have been designed with a safety button to use in case of danger. Once pushed, the button will send an emergency SMS with your geolocation to all the contacts loaded on the app. Making it in many ways a woman’s silent ally.

Looking to attract the kind of modern woman who would appreciate not only its technology but also its beauty, the startup is offering a limited number of bracelets for an early bird special of 50% OFF the regular retail price. So you will be able to grab one for $199 instead of $399. Available for the first 99 backers. Pledge your support.

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