Brain Advantage, The Wearable That Could Revolutionise Brain Health

When it comes to improving Brain Performance Intelligently, could this effective, non-invasive method for optimising brain function be the solution?

Brain Advantage is an intuitive system to help your brain perform at its best. The portable package that you can take anywhere has been designed to enhance your brain’s ability to grow new neurons and optimise existing neuronal networks.

Brain Advantage
Brain Advantage is a great tool to help professionals stay sharp and increase their ability to focus | Image Credit: Brain Advantage

The Better You Manage Things, The Better Your Brain Performs

Looking to improve your life in any number of ways, Brain Advantage works by using patented HEG (hemoencephalography) technology to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood that’s flowing to the prefrontal cortex of your brain which is nicknamed the Executive Center of your brain. This is because it helps to manage various emotions and thoughts that can be going on at once. “Ultimately, we identified several technologies that each target different aspects of brain function. Working with these technologies, we found we could integrate therapies together to create customised training for each individual’s needs. Using this system, we found we could change brain function, processing issues, neuromotor skills deficits, cognitive and memory issues all at once. We were excited to discover that our results far exceeded our wildest hopes”, explains Don Barrett on his Indiegogo campaign.

Brain Advantage Wearable
Brain Advantage Wearable

At the core of Brain Advantage are tiny HEG sensors embedded in the headband directly against your prefrontal cortex. These sensors help determine how focused you are by measuring the oxygen in the blood as it flows to that part of the brain– and that information is instantly fed back to you through the visuals on the tablet, as well as audio cues. Before long, your brain figures out how to increase the amount of oxygenated blood flowing to this region of the brain. The higher the flow of oxygenated blood, the better that portion of your mind performs. The improvements, which can be dramatic, are there to stay.

The patented HEG technology in Brain Advantage is what makes it superior to other EEG-based training systems. As opposed to measuring oxygen, EEG-based systems rely on tiny electrical signals for biofeedback. This means they are very prone to mistaking muscle movement, twitching, and even eye blinking for brain activity. In addition, most EEG-based systems require many hours of training to master and are often difficult to perform by yourself– all of which is very different from the accuracy and intuitive ease of Brain Advantage.

Brain Advantage Wearable
Brain Advantage is ideally suited to help children with attention issues learn how to focus and stay focused, offering many benefits for school and family life | Image Credit: Brain Advantage

Hoping to improve brain intelligence, Barrett said; “When we first began this journey, the idea that a brain could effectively change itself was not widely accepted by the mainstream medical world. The basic assumption had always been that brains were STATIC systems, incapable of generating new neurons or altering its internal neuronal wiring to any appreciable degree. However, these two characteristics– neurogenesis and neuroplasticity– have since become more widely accepted. We’ve always felt that the brain is primed to respond to a variety of stimuli by generating new neurons and improving existing neuronal connections. Furthermore, we believed that it would be possible to identify underperforming areas of the brain and then, by providing the appropriate stimulus, utilise the brain’s inherent ability to “heal” itself”.

Barrett also explains how Brain Advantage can be used to help mitigate memory loss and help you stay sharp. It is a great tool to help professionals remain sharp and increase their ability to focus. It is also suitable for children with attention issues learn how to focus and stay focused, offering many benefits for school and family life.

Prices start from $197.00 USD. This early bird price is a whopping 67% discount on the $600.00 wearable device. Besides receiving the Single-user Brain Advantage System, you will also get 12 months access to the system and unlimited self-assessments. Estimated delivery is December 2018. Want to back the campaign? Do so here.

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