ZUNGLE’s AI Shades Rock an Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant

Zungle, changing the eyewear game one pair of AI Shades at a time.

It was only two years ago when we imagined ourselves looking cool in a pair of ‘audio shades’ by Zungle. At the time the startup had a run a successful Kickstarter campaign that surpassed their goal of $50k to raise over $1.9million. Now they are back, with the second version of smartglasses.

AI Shades
ZUNGLE’s Second Try At Creating A Wearable Device That’s Wearable

Founded in 2016, the smart eyewear startup sunglasses are all about giving the wearer freedom. The latest pair is AI shades, designed for those who enjoy outdoor activities, brag features like open ear solution which allows you to ride a bike or go to daily running without sacrificing your music. Working together with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, you will also be able to let other users enjoy music as well as make hands-free phone calls thanks to the new Vibra speakers with stronger dual-spring bone conduction speakers on each arm of the glasses.

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When it comes to key features, the AI Shades have a dedicated button on the left leg that gives you one-click access to Siri or Google Assistant. Keeping up with the era of A.I., this lets you stay connected with A.I. Voice Assistant instantly.

AI Shades
The sound system was developed through Zungle’s partnership with a speaker manufacturer that also develops devices for big tech companies like Sony and Samsung.

The LA-based startup’s new two styles are square-shaped Viper and round-shaped Lynx models. With the frontal frames designed to be replaceable, the Viper and Lynx are available at the pre-order price that starts at $109.99. Expected market price will be $189.99. Your pre-order will be one of the earliest to ship out in July when the actual shipment begins.

As ZUNGLE takes various collaborative moves with major brands, the startup is planning to launch a frame subscription program that would allow you to try new frame designs periodically.

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