Wearable X Launches Highly Engineered Yoga Pants For Men

Startup Wearable X launches men's line smart yoga pants and introduces a more redesigned user-friendly app with enhanced features.

According to Wearable X, last year yoga pants outsold denim worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that the fashion-forward startup has today announced the launch of their men’s smart yoga pants.

Wearable X
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We first came across Nadi X back in 2017. Describing them as, “The Yoda to Your Yoga”, it was lust at first sight for the smart yoga apparel with woven-in technology. This was because we appreciated the fact that the pants were capable of providing the kind of convenience that all wearable tech products should have in order to keep hold of a consumer’s “fickle attention”.

“The modern fitness brand has come up with a technology that can identify the various yoga poses and provides users real-time feedback via gentle vibrations.”

Born in Australia, but now based in New York City, the modern fitness brand’s technology has been designed to identify the various yoga poses and provides users with real-time feedback via gentle vibrations. Built on a haptic platform, the tech startup worked closely with its customers to ensure that the experience is far more than just smart yoga pants. “Nadi X has used human-centric design and has a haptic technology platform that is transformative for yoga and beyond,” said Nadi X owner Noah Heller who is managing partner and aspiring yogi, 3rodeo Venture, LLC.

Wearable X
Image Credit: Wearable X

Created in the correct sizing, so not to waste materials or create an excess product to what is needed, the yoga pants work in conjunction with the Nadi X app (available in the app store). When worn it is the frequency and intensity of each vibration sequence that draws awareness to the focal points of each movement and is catered to everyone to learn yoga step by step and without the hassle of rushing into a class.

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Besides launching their menswear line, Wearable X also announced the launch of their redesigned user-friendly app with enhanced features, which includes progress tracking, customisable playlist “yoga flows” whereby the user can create a truly personalised practice and yoga practice incentives.

Wearable X
Image Credit: Wearable X

On what drove her to come up with Nadi X, founder Billie Whitehouse, who made Fast Company’s annual list of The 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2016, shared with FashNerd, “I have become very aware of how much money I was spending on fitness, often not getting the attention that I was paying for and definitely not always having the confidence to feel like I could practice on my own.” Adding, “We wanted to create an experience that allows people to feel confident to practice on their terms. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for a class and not getting a practice that you want, whether this is hands-on adjustments or a sequence you know will be good for you.”

As of Monday 18th June 2018, Wearable X’s Kickstarter page is live and ready to collect pre-orders. Premiering four new designs, the highly engineered yoga pants that work with an accompanying iPhone app also come with a device called, The Pulse, which houses the battery and Bluetooth module clips behind the upper left knee so it will not interfere with your yoga practice.

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