Voxos Smartglasses, Using Technology To Assist People With Hearing Disorders

Are you ready to receive audio content from your device through your bones via your glasses?

Voxos Smartglasses is a wearable tech device that enables you to perceive sound and information from a mobile device through your skull instead of your ears, but that isn’t what makes this product standout amazing. We love how Voxos are using technology to have a positive effect on people with hearing disorders like Tinnitus, which according to a 2016 report published online in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, approximately 1 in 10 adults lives with tinnitus.

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Partnering up with Hearology, a company that is redefining the ‘Audiology’ industry, they are looking to identify how they can help patients with hearing deficiencies. “I have dedicated most of my life to the science of audiology, and as someone that has tested most products on the market, I can say that the team at Voxos have looked at all the different aspects covering fit, size, weight, and quality. As a person that suffers from Tinnitus, upon putting on the Voxos, a pair of bone conduction smartglasses, I got immediate relief. This is to do with how the sound is vibrated into my head (bone conduction) rather than amplified through the eardrum (air conduction),” said Vincent Howard, the Co-founder and Chief Audiologist of Hearology.

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The weather-resistant Voxos Smartglasses connect with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Once connected you can use your Voxos sunglasses to listen to music/audiobooks, take a phone call, get GPS directions and use voice control to navigate with the integrated touch zone on the arm of the glasses. The integrated touch zone allows you to stay focused on your surroundings, while still being able to access everything without ever taking your mobile phone out of your pocket. “Consuming digital information on the go is a form of distraction, but with Voxos it becomes part of the human senses”, states their campaign page.

Bone Conduction Is Nothing New But…

Bone conduction is nothing new. We have written about Vue Smart Glasses who also use bone conduction technology. If you are unfamiliar with it, bone conduction is a process by which sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear by the cranial bones without travelling through the air in the ear canal. The bone conduction system offers significant safety advantages over traditional earphones, by leaving the user’s ears “free” so that they are not distracted from their environment.

With Voxos providing the wearer with 10 hours of battery after 2 hours of charging time, the one size fits all smartglasses are lightweight and made for everyday life. With 30% of their $25,000 goal reached, there is still plenty of time to call dibs on a pair of Voxos. Available in various lens options, when you back their campaign on Indiegogo you will receive, user instructions, USB charging cable, fabric bag, Voxos Smartglasses (incl. high-quality lenses), microfiber cloth and protective case. Expecting to start ship in September 2018.

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