Maartje Dijkstra On Using Technology As A Tool To Create A Collection Available To Buy Now

Bombastic Shapes, Innovative Technology and Embroidery Techniques, Maartje Dijkstra Launches 3D Printed Handbag Collection

Maartje Dijkstra is one of our favourite designers. She uses technology as a tool to create mindblowing collections. Each time I get to catch up with the talented Dutch designer, she gives me an exciting peek into her world. She is a designer who has found a way of combining technology with whatever project she is working on. Most recently, Maartje came up with a unique 3D printed bag collection that is all bombastic shapes combined with innovative technology and unique embroidery techniques.

3D Printed
Credit: Maartje Dijkstra

The manually 3D printed-by-hand collection (using 3Doodler) is made using flexible black and white filament with traces off special golden details. Maartje told that all the pieces are finished manually with black or golden polyester wires, fake and real leather, fake fur and golden/silver zippers. On what makes them standout, Maatje shared, “The printed lines are drawn on structures, so different surfaces and textures appear on the material, creating special shimmering effects”.

3D printed jewellery line. Credit: Maartje Dijkstra

Using the power of her own imagination, Maartje’s latest offering interprets the complexity and repetition in nature. Striking and stylish, the bags are a great example of how designers can take advantage of technology in their design process. I personally quite like the 3D printed golden fake crocodile white bag that has printed parts on both sides, with golden details. With prices starting from 219, you can grab one of her bags, which sit alongside her also available 3D printed jewellery pieces, online.

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