Kronaby’s New Collection Of Connected Smart Watches, Technology Made Human

Kronaby Sweden new collection of timeless connected smartwatches explores the fine line between staying connected and being distracted.

There is high demand for a smartwatch that stylishly blends classic good looks with modern technology. Personally, we like the look of Swedish based brand Kronaby. It is a company that successfully creates contemporary, connected luxury smartwatches that have been designed with the kind of technology that centers on you.

The APEX, SEKEL and the NORD

If you would like to enjoy the full Kronaby experience, then you need to take a look at their latest collection. Developed in-house by top Swedish software and hardware engineers, the brand has been driven to provide endless possibilities that allow the wearer to stay connected but not distracted. Their latest collection, which debuted at Baselworld 2018, offers features such as Filtered Notifications, Auto Time Zone, Silent Alarm, Get Moving, Music control, Camera remote and Timer.


The Kronaby Connected Movement

The Kronaby collection consists of 4 models, The APEX, CARAT, SEKEL and the NORD. The APEX brags Super- LumiNovaTM hands and dial numbers for excellent readability even in the most demanding conditions. The SEKEL pays homage to the art of traditional watchmaking by epitomising the age-old qualities of genuine craftsmanship and analogue precision. Made of carefully selected premium materials and finishes the CARAT shows off Scandinavian refinement and elegance and is. With flawless detailing, the NORD has a matte finish dial, a stainless-steel case and a double domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

“In our connected world, prioritising incoming phone calls is an inevitable modern-day nuisance”

“In our connected world, prioritising incoming phone calls is an inevitable modern-day nuisance” shared the Kronaby team. To tackle that they have come up with a Reject Call option that allows you to decline a call with a tap on the crown. Our favourite feature has to be the highly useful ‘Lost Watch’ feature that is pre-installed on all Kronaby watches. To find your phone, you only have to press and hold the crown button on the timepiece, and your phone will start ringing to let you know where your phone can be found.

Smart Watch
The Apex

With a battery life of up to 2 years, depending on use, all the Kronaby watches have great pusher features like camera remote and walk me home option. Their smartwatches also have the IFTTT x Kronaby feature which is all about simplifying your life by automating your digital tasks. For example, you can use your Kronaby as a trigger and brew a cup of coffee, switch on your lights or open the garage door. On IFTTT you can browse through hundreds of services and create your own personalised Kronaby Applet.

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Equipped with premium watch details, the scratch and water resistant Kronaby watch has been purposely designed to fulfil the users’ objectives. With 44 variants, each watch has its own characteristics and it also has a user-friendly interface and sleek design that provides the user with a personally tailored watch experience.


Combining world-leading engineering, state-of-the-art Scandinavian design and Swiss watchmaking tradition, Kronaby’s new generation of watches are compatible with both Android and iOS and will be sold throughout Europe, US, Canada and Japan. Prices start from £275.00. SHOP NOW.


The contemporary Swedish watch brand Kronaby, have teamed up with bPay, Barclaycards’ wearable payments technology solution, to develop an innovative and connected payment method through a stylish range of contactless payment watch straps for the UK market.

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