Custom-Made Clothing Designed by Artificial Intelligence Available July 2018

Epytom, on a mission to empower individuals to take back control of their style and wardrobes.

The largest AI personal styling solution, Epytom, announced at the Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair, the launch of their AI-designed made-to-order clothing line available in July 2018. Offering the only customer-centric alternative to the fast fashion model Epytom, founded in 2016, is a pioneer in low-cost, scalable fashion personalisation.

Winning The Style Game

Epytom is a free personalised “what-to-wear” recommendation AI styling solution. They offer their three hundred thousand monthly active users a unique service based on likes and dislikes, wardrobe insights, style preferences, and body parameters. This shared information allows Epytom to create clothing pieces for you and you alone.

Epytom founder and CEO Anastasia Sartan (middle) at Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair

With an average of 77% accuracy, Epytom also predicts which pieces will get the most wear. This feature “unlocks” the maximum number of new outfits without the need for a new wardrobe or waste. “We learned how to digitize our users’ fashion taste,” says Epytom founder and CEO Anastasia Sartan“Taste is an ephemeral thing. Most people can’t explain why they like or hate a certain look. We replace ‘why’ with ‘how.’ Instead of trying to get into a user’s head, we employ neural networks to reverse-engineer their style profile through momentary signals they send on a whim: ‘I’d totally wear this outfit!’ or ‘I’d never buy a skirt like this!’ Neural networks unlock what neither we, nor the user, can put into words.”

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The fashion recommendation platform is enhanced with a sophisticated proprietary AI stack and closed loop personalisation algorithms. Focusing on data, Epytom is different from the majority of other AI design projects because it doesn’t rely solely on images input into the system to produce the designs. Instead, Epytom optimises the whole apparel production process with AI involved in every step from determining a garment’s attributes to generating a 3D model for production. By making custom apparel accessible to all, Epytom’s is making the customer the principal driver of design, production and merchandising.

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