WTS2018: Oticon Introduces World’s First Hearing Fitness Tracking Technology

With 500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, Danish company Oticon's ambition is to use technology to help people with impaired hearing.

Wearable Tech Show in London has been on a mission to attract wearable geeks looking to immerse themselves in the latest innovation in wearable technology and IOT. With so much going on today at WTS2018, it was hearing aid provider Oticon who drew my attention. The Danish company was at the event to introduce the world’s first hearing fitness tracking technology. The Oticon hearing technology specialists and audiologists explained that Wearing Opn™ hearing aids let users once again enjoy the sound and social interaction, both of which stimulate the brain and ultimately help reduce the common side effects associated with untreated hearing loss.

hearing technology

The internet-connected hearing aid works with a HearingFitness™ App which is the start of data-driven hearing care that enables more personalised hearing care than ever before. According to Oticon, the app gives insights and allows users to continually optimise their solution to their specific, individual and changing needs and sound environments to fulfil their hearing potential in different situations.

HearingFitness™ is designed to help people with hearing loss understand how their behaviour and hearing health habits can influence how useful their hearing aid is and the impact it has on their overall health and well-being. For example, HearingFitness™ encourages users to wear their hearing aids more which helps those with hearing loss benefit from the many positive health improvements that come from wearing hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aid

“HearingFitness™ provides Opn™ hearing aid users with advice and encouragement on ways to use their hearing aid more, hear better, and ultimately stay healthy,” says Michael Porsbo, Product Manager, Oticon. “The first of its kind, this new app is designed to empower a digital generation of hearing aid users to make informed personal treatment decisions and take control of their hearing and health.”

Future developments for Oticon’s HearingFitness™ App will include the ability to constantly adapt and improve the user’s hearing solution over time. Ultimately, HearingFitness™ will be able to help provide better and better speech understanding and comfort for people with hearing loss, and in turn, free more and more cognitive energy to be used for other tasks, such as memory recall.

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