LABFRESH’s New Invention Engineered To Make Life Easier

The story that began one year ago has come full circle.

Founders of LABFRESH, Lotte Vink and Kasper Brandi Petersen, have cracked how to engineer t-shirts that repel liquids and semi-liquids. Vink and Petersen have come up with a sustainable product that took them a year to bring the new technology out of the lab and into a real supply chain.

Founders Lotte Vink and Kasper Brandi Petersen

On a mission to fight fast fashion and over-consumption, LABFRESH has recently launched their second Kickstart campaign. Their first campaign was the highest funded Dutch fashion project on Kickstarter. It sold over 5,000 shirts before closing its first angel investment round.

When it comes to the technology, three technologies play a role. On the outside, the t-shirt repels all liquids based on water, like red wine and ketchup. The inside has a moisture-wicking technology which means that the sweat is absorbed and spread out over the fabric so it can dry quickly, while not been visible on the outside. Visible sweat stains will be significantly less. In the yarns, silver is added which will kill the bacteria from your sweat and prevent odour.


LABFRESH’s new t-shirt will be available in grey, white, and black. It will retail at €45 once the company completes its crowdfunding efforts, but you can get one now for €35 (or two for €59, with discounts to down to $49 and $55 for early bird options). Interested? You can pledge on their official Kickstarter page. Delivery will be July 2018.

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