Check Out These Cool Kicks That Use Heat As The Catalyst

When seeing is believing.

I recently wrote an article on tech sneakers, and in my research, I came across these kicks by Sir Castle Tees that react cold and hot temperature manipulations. This unique footwear is the brainchild of artist Mike Phillips Jr. who has been making a name for himself by customising everyday shoes.


Started in 2013, it took Philip about 100 pairs to perfect the heat-sensitive design, and now it takes him about an hour to paint a design on one shoe. “My masterpiece is a heat-sensitive design, that when indoors, the pair of shoes is one colour, but as soon as the wearer walks outdoors, the shoes immediately change colors,” said Philip.

“It took Philip about 100 pairs to perfect the heat-sensitive design.”

Inspired by his father, the talented artist has managed to use heat as the catalyst to cause the kind of change that when doused in cold water the shoes return to their original shade. Sometimes seeing is believing, so take a moment to watch this video by Mashable.

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