Humans of Fashion Uses Technology To Disrupt And Protect

It looks like the #MeToo movement will have a presence during New York Fashion Week thanks to Humans of Fashion.

With the #MeToo hashtag still trending, Kristina Romanova and Antoniette Costa decided that NYFW was the perfect time to launch Humans of Fashion. It is a platform that connects victims of assault and harassment in the fashion industry with the professionals who can help. Taking advantage of the benefits that technology can bring to such an important cause, they hope that Humans of Fashion will better the workplace for those in the fashion industry.

Humans of fashion
Kristina Romanova and singer-lawyer Antoniette Costa

The former model and singer-lawyer are on a mission to address and prevent sexual harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct in the fashion industry. They plan to achieve this by providing a platform to guide those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct in the industry and connect them to pro-bono and subsidised legal professionals, counsellors and support networks.

Designed TO Disrupt And Protect

The technology used to create the app has not only been designed to ensure that it can efficiently assist as soon as possible, but it also allows for anonymity, so the user can determine what, if any, information they want to share. “We wanted to have a platform where we can evaluate each contact on a case-by-case basis, and provide the appropriate triage and support to deal with their issues,” Costa tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “As each situation is unique, and each person has different concerns, issues, and a comfort level in how they want to deal with it, we wanted to be able to connect them with the appropriate adviser — whether it be a therapist, mentor, legal counsel, or something else.”


Purposely announced in the run-up to Fashion Week, the founders hoped that those working in the fashion industry would feel free to access secure, fast, reporting mechanism that they have put in place. “What we hope to see from our movement is to reduce the stigma around reporting sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse in the fashion industry,” says Costa. “We’re hoping that by creating a frame of discussion, we can educate everyone on the topic, and build a safer workplace for those in the industry.” With the help of technology, we will be happy to support these two womenpreneurs in disrupting the industry and protecting those working within it.

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