The Vessi Sneaker, Designed With Flash-Knit technology Impervious to Water

Funded on 12th January 2018, how can you not say yes to these stylish, waterproof, breathable and lightweight sneakers that will keep your feet dry.

The next pair of must-have tech sneakers has arrived. Not compromising on functionality or style, the fully waterproof knit Vessi Footwear shoe is the opposite of traditional waterproof shoes that tend to be stuffy and make your feet sweat and stink due to their lack of ability to regulate the dispersal of moisture.


Promising to be the next innovation in footwear, Vessi’s design was inspired by today’s modern fashion and style. “We’ve spent the past 2 years perfecting this new waterproof knit material,” said Andy W., Founder of Vessi Footwear. “With our proprietary knit blend and nano-filtering membrane, we’ve managed to create a material that keeps the water out yet provides breathability and flexibility like a regular shoe.”

The Sneaker With Breakthrough Features

A new alternative to heavy and outdated waterproof shoes, the sneaker is made of patented Flash-Knit Technology material that allows for easy cleaning thanks to Vessi’s hydrophobic surface treatment. Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, the waterproof, lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking shoe is built from our proprietary one-piece circle knitting manufacturing process, which means no seams to allow water to come through.

“Vessi shoes are completely impervious to water. The waterproofing function will last the lifespan of the shoe.”

Bragging a 4-way adaptive stretch, the patented Flash-Knit technology is composed of three functional layers, the Nano-Filtering Membrane, which is the heart of Vessi’s upper shoe. It is a waterproof and moisture-wicking layer that keeps your feet dry while allowing moisture from your sweat and body heat to escape the shoe. Being waterproof means that the area of your feet covered by Vessi shoes is completely impervious to water. This is not a coating and the waterproofing function will last the lifespan of the shoe. Then there is the Stretch Knit Layer of the Vessi upper. It is a knitted layer composed of a blend of polyester and nylon. We chose this specific blend to create an elastic yet durable knit that stretches to the shape of your feet. This encourages you to move naturally. The third functional layer is the Comfort Lining is designed to mimic the feeling of wearing socks. It is soft to the touch and form-fitting.


After raising $1,059,442 USD total funds during their Indiegogo campaign, backers can look forward to owning shoes that provide dynamic flex and cushion for every step. Promising to keep up with busy lifestyles in all weather conditions, those who did not manage to take advantage of the campaign offer you can still pre-order for $109, 33% off the estimated retail value of $165. Delivery will be in May 2018.

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