SpidAR, An Immersive Experience Using AR, Storytelling and Physical Computing

In collaboration with Michelle Hessel, Renata shares with us an immersive experience using AR, storytelling and physical computing.

Last year, as part of our Women in Tech Series, we spoke to Renata Gaui. She not only shared her experiences and challenges she also gave us a glimpse into the lessons that she learnt along the way as she pursued a career in wearable technology.

A Project Known As SpidAR

If you look at Renata’s work you can see how she has been inspired by women like, Despina Papadopoulos, who showed her the wearables path; Pamela Liou whose different approach to the fashion industry made her rethink the way we consume garments; Jingwen Zhu’s IoT wearable devices that stimulate users to put themselves into their clothing; Grace Jun’s Open Style Lab and Ying Gao’s artistic way of designing interactive clothing with seamless technology.

Renata’s recent project involves a collaboration with Michelle Hessel whose interest lies at the intersection of technology, non-fiction storytelling and immersive transmedia experiences. Born in Sao Paulo, Michelle is currently based in NYC, where she is pursuing a Post-Doc Resident Fellow at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

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The project known as SpidAR is a spooky immersive experience using a temporary tattoo, AR, performance and physical computing. “Through a charade like a revelation, we invite users to an active installation with a temporary tattoo”, said Renata. Michelle explains further, “By combining marker-based Augmented Reality on the human body, physical computing, and performance, this experience plays will all senses and amplifies the idea of bringing digital assets to the real life”.

Learn more about this out-of-the-box collaboration here.

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