SKAGEN’s First-Ever Touchscreen Smartwatch, A More Mindful Interaction With Technology

Rooted in Danish design principles, the Falster Smartwatch is set to entice our wrist with its minimalist design and technology forward mannerisms.

I love my SKAGEN. It is a handsome watch that always complements my wardrobe, no matter what I choose to wear. My only hiccup with my current SKAGEN hybrid is that it is quite limited. Simply put, it is not smart enough. So you can imagine my excitement when the lifestyle brand announced that they were expanding their smartwatch portfolio with the launch of SKAGEN’s first-ever touchscreen smartwatch.

Perfect Balance of Form and Function

Rooted in Danish design principles, the Falster Smartwatch entices our wrist with its minimalist design, relaxed style and impressive function. What’s not to like about the new SKAGEN? It successfully blends timeless design with modern innovation. Lookswise, the Falster has a full-round touchscreen that allows for expanded capabilities while maintaining an understated design and intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. Also, the dials are visually balanced, showing information in an edited and informative way, without adding unnecessary clutter.

“We want to take the best of what technology has to offer and create a timepiece that lives up to our belief in good design for better living.”

Encouraging a more mindful interaction with technology, Frederik Thrane, Creative Director of SKAGEN shared; “One of our goals with SKAGEN’s smartwatches is to make technology feel more familiar and approachable. We do this by simplifying and editing our products, but also by humanising the experience of using them: the dial layouts and the movements are designed for calm and pleasant interaction. We’ve even added personal touches like our ‘mascot’ Dan, who serves as a friendly guide, celebrates your personal goals, and helps bring a daily smile to your face.” He adds, “We want to take the best of what technology has to offer and create a timepiece that lives up to our belief in good design for better living. We’ve strived to create unique dials only possible in digital, proving it’s not just what’s inside the watch that counts but rather how you choose to use it.”

Anne Cashill, SVP of SKAGEN shares, “Innovation in smartwatches creates incredible impact for our customers—they have the option to buy a technology product where the hardware is always in style, and the functionality can be continuously improved to provide an even more feature-rich experience with every update. This is why we made dials that conserve battery life and look stunning in their simplicity as well as functional dials that focus on what applications you actually use without adding unnecessary complications. We are confident we are making the more wearable, which will continue to differentiate SKAGEN in the fashion-tech marketplace.”

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Technology forward, the SKAGEN’s Falster is powered by Android Wear™ 2.0 and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 platform. The range of smart feature includes function-based dials, automatic accuracy, smartwatch notifications, activity tracking, customizable watch faces, touchscreen functionality, voice commands, powered by the Google assistant, music control, interchangeable straps and wireless syncing. The Falster timepiece is priced between $275.00-$295.00 and is available in four brilliant colourways from

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