LFWM: Christopher Ræburn AW18 is All About Sustainable Intelligence

Christopher Raeburn continues to bring sustainable apparel and footwear to a mainstream fashion audience.

For those who are fans of Christopher Ræburn, you will be familiar with the trio of words that have become synonymous with the brand; Remade, Recycled, Reduced. It is these words that represent the brand and its definition of sustainable and intelligent fashion design. Staying true to his ‘RE-MADE’ ethos, Ræburn has made headlines with iconic outerwear created from de-commissioned parachutes and re-appropriation of military fabrics.

Christopher Ræburn

This season the designer showed off his AW18 collection at LFWM. The designs that made their way down the runway embodied a distinctive aesthetic and, the kind of meticulous detail that we have come to expect from Ræburn. The collection, giving off a 90’s grunge vibe, had very obvious logos that shouted out the words “Recycled”, “Reduced” so clearly enough that even those sitting in the back could see.  His message was clear, “sustainable intelligence” is where fashion should be headed. “I think as a designer you have an obligation to consider what you are doing and why; ultimately, we want to make strong, sustainable choices that provide our customers with a completely unique and desirable product,” said Ræburn.


Collaborating with Avery Dennison again for his AW18 season, Ræburn once confessed about their partnership, “For sure there are things we would have not be able to do without the support of Avery Dennison, as we do not have access to all the technological advancements that they have.

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