An Addictive Mix of IBM’s Watson, Artificial Intelligence and the Grammys

IBM's Watson takes on the role of fashion police at this year's Grammys 2018

It’s award season folks, which means that anyone who loves the addictive mix of celebrities, fashion, and the red carpet will be looking forward to getting their daily fix. Who cares who won the award, most of us just need to know who rocked it best in the Oscar de la Renta or Calvin Klein dress and this is where IBM’s Watson could step in.

Grammy Awards 2017

Partnering up with Recording Academy, IBM is bringing artificial intelligence to the red carpet. Taking up the role of fashion police, Watson will be showcasing an innate ability to judge the red carpet outfits using an artificial intelligence platform. This will take place at the Grammys on Sunday night, 28th January 2018. The tech giant will be using its AI platform to analyse videos and photos of celebrities in real time. By examining around 100,000 photos and hours of video, Watson should be able to identify each person who walks the red carpet. With the objective to understand styles, the information ingested will help Watson not only learn about this year’s fashion trends but also compare them to those of previous years. According to IBM, the platform will give fans a closer connection with the music, the artists and the stories that they love in a seamless and more real-time manner.

Watson, The Artificial Intelligence Super Star

Watson will be using a new platform called Watson Media.  Debuted in September 2017, Watson uses industry-leading AI capabilities to analyze textual, audio, and visual data within multimedia content, making it possible to build easily searchable metadata packages for every asset in your library. On the AI platform’s ability during this year’s Grammys, John Kent, a program manager at IBM said, “It’s not quite as simple as ‘Here’s a picture of Carrie Underwood; here’s not a picture of Carrie Underwood; here’s another picture of Carrie Underwood,’ and do that 10 times,” Kent said. “That’s literally the process, but sometimes, there is also work to be done to prepare the images for that analysis.”

Artificial Intelligence

A star in its own right, Watson has had many memorable moments, including a collaboration with Marchesa on a LED-lit dress worn by fashion tech muse Karolina Kurkova, for the Manus x Machina Met Gala theme. The next spotlight moment for Watson is going to be to analyse the most significant moments at Grammys, and then who knows; the Oscar’s could be next.

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