VitroLabs, Slaughter-free Luxury Textiles Designed to Make A Sustainable Impact

When the future of fashion is born in a lab it has the potential to push the merger of fashion with technology in an interesting direction

In 2018 we plan to keep our eye on the out-of-this-world innovations coming out of VitroLabs. Why you might ask. Well they are currently developing an advanced 3D skin model to create luxury quality lab-grown leather for use in fashion and interiors.


The US-based company has been quite hush, hush about their laboratory-engineered cruelty-free leather. Developing BioFur, lab-grown pelts and leather from stem-cells, VitroLabs is a company that is pushing the merger of fashion with technology in an exciting direction. Aware that this is a space that is evolving at a substantial rate, they are keeping us on our toes as they gather scientists, innovators and inventors who can make the impossible, possible.

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Taking something like stem-cell technology and combining it with tissue engineering on cow, ostrich, and crocodile cells to create sustainable leather, VitroLabs is making a substantial environmental impact. This is a fact that gives me goosebumps. As it becomes clear that the future of fashion tech lies in smart materials, and I appreciate how companies like Vitrolabs and also Modern Meadows are accelerating material innovation, by showing us another way of producing leather without the need for animals.

So as we enter 2018, I will definitely be keeping my nerdy eye on VitroLabs. I have a hunch that this coming year they are going to be showing us some great things, and honestly, I cannot wait.

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