Peripherii, Harnessing The Power Of Whispering Notifications Into Your Ear

The WearableTechStylist on the female-focused hearable Peripherii

When it comes to hearables, the earbuds vs earrings debate has just got exciting, thanks to Peripherii. The brainchild of NY-based fashion tech startup Peripherii Inc, it did not take us long to want to learn more about these wire-free, hands-free statement earrings that can whisper notifications into your ear.

Peripherii earrings

The Stylishly Innovative Smart Earring

There is no denying that this female-focused hearable is quite impressive. Designed to hover over your ear canal, the Peripherii earring not only works with your smartphone, but it also eliminates the need for you to take your phone with you. Weighing just 4g each, the earrings harness the power of voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. Peripherii is also built with a microprocessor, battery, a speaker and a microphone for your voice commands.

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Targeting women who enjoy being connected, the founders have admitted to us that their first challenge was to overcome the fact that one look does not fit all. “Earphones get tangled. Earbuds fit poorly and are easily lost. Plus they are not exactly stylish and often weighed down with sensors,” co-founder Sonal Budhiraja told us. “Our goal was to offer a piece of jewellery where the functionality felt like a bonus because of its ease of use.” Co-founder Priti Moudgill, adds, “For ease of adoption, we decided early on that our earrings had to work right out of the box. The setup is quite easy. Once paired; the earring will be able to take and make calls with the press of a button or a voice command.”

“For ease of adoption, we decided early on that our earrings had to work right out of the box.”

With nothing much out there like these iOS and Android compatible costume-style earrings, I knew that I had to style them. True, they are not available yet, but it will not be long before we will be able to get our hands on a pair of Peripherii earrings. Until then, we could not help but style our the red pair of ear candy with an Adrianna Papell Matte Jersey Banded Black Dress from John Lewis, Back Zip Tassel Stiletto Sandals from Marks & Spencer and a Yoanny Garcia clutch from Wolf & Badger.

Smart EarringsIf you would like to pledge, then keep your eye on the crowdfunding campaign, launching soon were the earrings will initially be offered at a discount price of $159, for early bird pre-orders, and priced $295 after that.

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