The Zozosuit, A Skin-hugging Hi-tech Bodysuit Offering Precise Measurements

Has the world’s first size-free e-commerce experience arrived?

The 11th richest person in Japan, according to Forbes, has introduced the ZOZOSUIT, a skin-hugging, hi-tech bodysuit designed to help shoppers get the right size. Designed in anticipation of the launch of the company’s private label collection by ZOZO, the suit’s technology will allow customers to purchase clothes that are guaranteed to fit, every time.

Start Today USA Launches Pre-Orders Of The ZOZOSUIT, A Revolutionary Body Measurement Device To Help Deliver Perfectly-Fitting Clothing (PRNewsfoto/Start Today USA)


The growing sophistication of 3D scanning tech has found a new competitor in the ZOZOSUIT, thanks to Yusaku Maezawa, a 41-year-old billionaire. He is the founder of Japanese firm Start Today, established in 1998. The company is now a US$9.2 billion business that saw US$705 million in annual sales at the last count.

Start Today has developed proprietary algorithms that utilize machine learning to process its growing database of body data. These algorithms process tens of thousands of measurements in minutes to match customers with ZOZO clothing that is perfectly sized to their unique body. With the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZO collection, shoppers will never again have to debate which size to select or struggle with common fit issues.


With innovation at the forefront, the bodysuit “is capable of capturing 15,000 precise measurements.” The unisex suit has sensors that go from neck to ankles. Using Bluetooth, the bodysuit syncs with the Zozo shopping app so it can upload your measurements to your profile. Once this is done customers can shop the ZOZO collection, men’s and women’s high-quality basics including denim, t-shirts and coats, in the world’s first size-free e-commerce experience.The main advantage is that when you are ordering clothes, you no longer need to select a size because Zozo already knows what size you require.

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Offering “the world’s first size-free e-commerce experience” Japan’s largest e-commerce fashion website announced ZOZOSUIT to the public on 22nd November 2017. Available exclusively to members of ZOZOTOWN, the suit’s sensors will help guide shoppers to find the best fit from the thousands of brands the site currently offers. According to their press release, Start Today will only ship the suit to their Japanese customers of ZOZOTOWN. Shipping to the US and Europe will start next spring 2018.

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