The Weatherman, Nothing Short Of An Amazing Smart Umbrella

Unmatched quality and smart technology, is there really no other umbrella like it in the world?

Being an on-the-go Londoner, an umbrella is a permanent fixture in my handbag. I know for a fact that no city dweller dares to leave home without an umbrella to battle those infamous British rainy days. The problem is finding a trusty brolly, so could The Weatherman be a good a contender?

The Weatherman

A Smart Umbrella That Could Be Right Up Your Street

The Weatherman umbrella represents the convergence of technology, engineering and state-of-the-art design. The brainchild of meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, the Weatherman, came about after three years of research, sketching and testing. “I looked everywhere for a solid umbrella that would last. And I came up short every single time. I realised, I know what a good umbrella SHOULD be, so I could just make one. That’s how it all started. My guarantee: Weatherman won’t make anything short of an amazing umbrella,” said the founder. Leveraging his meteorology expertise, Reichmuth has come up with a brolly that can stand up to extreme weather.

“I looked everywhere for a solid umbrella that would last. And I came up short every single time.”

Committed to delivering the best product and experience the Weatherman is made of fabric woven with Teflon™ to ensure maximum water repellency. It has also been created using industrial-strength fibreglass to prevent inverting and breaking. The wind-tunnel-tested umbrella can withstand gale-force winds up to 55 MPH, and it has Bluetooth technology that will track your umbrella, so you don’t easily lose it.

Smart Umbrella

Some of the features that set Weatherman™ apart include industrial-strength 14MM gauge fibreglass ribs and shaft, an embedded tracker chip powered by Pebblebee®, wind resistant up 55 MPH, the highest water repellency possible, extra protection against low-visibility weather conditions and a lifetime guarantee.

The Brooklyn-based team behind Weatherman have made sure that gone are the days of forgetting our umbrella and getting caught in the rain. The superior workmanship partnered up with the Weatherman™ app is all about making our lives easier. Pairing up with the Pebblebee® Bluetooth tracker, the app can be used to detect the forecast, so you only take the umbrella when it is needed and also ensure that you always know where to find your umbrella when you need it, which means, in theory, you’ll never lose your Weatherman™.

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If this smart umbrella is right up your street, then make sure that you check out the Weatherman™ Collapsible Umbrella priced $59.00, and the Stick Umbrella priced $65.00 at

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