OH, The Stylish Hearable That Could Diminish The Stigma Associated With Hearing Aids

OH, a hearable device designed to remove the stigma associated with hearing aids. 

Hearables represent more than the latest music listening earbuds; they can also be technologically smart hearing devices for those who are hard of hearing as shown by design student Julia Marina. She has come up with a beautiful hearing aids concept that is so stylishly fashionable that we cannot help but be in awe.

The OH hearable is an excellent representation of a stylish Hearing Aids device

Hearing Aids as Assistive Technology

The design student from Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC) is no stranger when it comes to examining general attitudes about hearing disabilities. It is through her drive to diminish the stigma usually associated with assistive technology that she has found a way of enhancing the user’s self-confidence by blending the wearable tech hearing aid with the human body.

Hearing Aid
How the hearing aids work

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Personally, I think that this is a great idea, but there are those who will most likely see her device as a way of making people feel like they have to mask their disability. As a person who is passionate about design and health, ergonomics and assistive technology, I do not think that her objective was to make people feel ashamed of their hearing loss or impairment.

Wearable Tech
The OH hearable device comes in three different versions.

Marina’s work is clearly solving a problem. The OH hearable device is an excellent representation of a stylish hearable designed to remove the stigma associated with hearing aids. We cannot wait to see what else she comes up with.

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