Arrow Smartwatch, Reimagining How You Use Wearable Tech

Finally, a Smartwatch that gives you the freedom to point a camera and capture photos or videos from your wrist.

When we heard that a smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera had raised USD 382,754 during their campaign our curiosity was aroused. This was made possible with the help of 2525 backers, who helped raise 1276% above their original $30,000. The startup is called Arrow Smartwatch.

Arrow Smartwatch has come a long way since revealing their concept in late 2014. Meticulously engineered for functionality, Arrow is designed to be everything you’d expect in a high-end watch. Integrated with a rotatable HD camera, Arrow has been devised for business, fitness and iOT.

Hardware Innovation

Revolutionizing and reimagining the way you’ll use a smartwatch, the iOS and Android compatible wristwatch is loaded with great features that include a hands-free functionality which allows the wearer to call, text, fitness track and play music on the go. Other features include access to custom alerts, reminders, events, calendar, weather and social media. Then there is our favourite, Arrows ability to capture, record, edit and share media in an instant. The HD camera is stylishly integrated into the bezel of the watch at the perfect angle, allowing you to quickly take selfies, photographs and videos in any direction imaginable. The revolutionary hardware innovation means that you no longer need to contort your wrist into awkward positions or fumble for your phone when you need to take photos.

Arrow Smartwatch


On the HD camera; “The patented final design allows you to rotate a single lens, at any angle with the ability to preview your image in real-time as the display digitally reorients itself towards the user during rotation. With this form factor, you can easily take a selfie and then rotate the camera in any direction,” stated on Arrow Smartwatch’s IndieGoGo campaign page.

There is no denying it. The camera, with 8GB on board, is their prize feature. The fact that a smartwatch can store every photo and video you take could make this watch a no-brainer. We like the idea of being able to not only take pictures but also know that we can transfer the multimedia directly to our phone using Bluetooth or WiFi. Their app also allows the wearer to quickly and easily edit and share photo’s via text to friends or upload to social media. With 48 hours to go before the end of the campaign, you can either grab it for the discount price of $159 USD plus shipping or pay the RRP of $299 USD. For those who fancy the Silver Arrow Smartwatch made with stainless steel, it is currently priced at $299 USD but will be $399 USD thereafter. Also, you can take your pick of whether you want your silicone band to be red, black or white. Personally, we like the look of the white one.

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