Could Blockchain-fueled Smart Glasses Lead the AR Revolution?

Finally future glasses that will allow us to look up from your phone.

Apple and Amazon are not alone in the smart glasses front, Lucyd is looking to develop glasses that will use next-gen AR display to put our favourite apps right before our eyes. They plan to do this by first launching an LCD token sale that will then allow them to develop glasses of the future.

Smart Glasses

Believing that the narrow field of view and clumsy user experience are some of the reasons why we do not own smart glasses yet, Lucyd will be built on 13 exclusive augmented reality patents. Decentralizing the AR revolution with their Lucyd Lens, the company’s objective is to bring to market discreet, comfortable and intuitive smartglasses that will be supported by the Lucyd Lab blockchain. By taking this route, Lucyd is developing and distributing new AR-native content that could give us a taste of wearable technology built on the body of the AR revolution.

Lucyd, Bringing on the AR Revolution

With AR evolving their vision, Lucyd could be the first convenient, comfortable and unnoticeable smart glasses. Promising an interactive AR display, the smartglasses have 120° enhanced field of view that is over 3 times larger than any available. Housed in a discreet body that looks like regular specs, the technology could bring the first blockchain-fueled smart glasses to the AR revolution.

” Lucyd is developing and distributing new AR-native content that could give us a taste of wearable technology that could build the body of the AR revolution.”

Let’s get technical. Lucyd Lens will be built on a blueprint of 13 related patents developed by optics experts at the University of Central Florida. Having exclusively licensed these patents, the team behind Lucyd believe that the technology behind their wearable will enable critical features for next-gen AR glasses. Looking to offer what others are not, Lucyd’s competitive advantage will arise from their unique, proprietary ergonomic features.


The smart glasses will be powered by an LCD token which will run on the Lucyd Lab blockchain and will work by driving organic app development and user engagement. Rewarding positive contributions to the Lucyd ecosystem (app development, content, user reviews, etc.), the LCD token will secure the funding for a prototype and build the Lucyd Lab app which will drive native content creation. They hope that by creating a new AR ecosystem, Lucyd will give the global developer community the kind of access that will ensure that anyone can develop, share and experience content on their user-friendly smartglasses.

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Expected to be available as early as 2019, Lucyd has the potential to show others the way forward in the AR space. So if you would like to invest in the Lucyd experience, note that the token presale ends in in 10 days. After the presale closes, the first 500 pairs of Lucyd Lens will be reserved for LCD holders only, so as to give token sale participants the chance to be among the first to own the Lucyd AR smart glasses.

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