Munich Fabric Start’s Keyhouse Hosts Next Tex Curated By Sourcebook

All about textile innovations and curated by Sourcebook, Next Tex features 13 enterprises exploring the latest fashion tech, future fabrics, AR/VR 3D design and advanced materials.

Like any trade show those who attend always intend to visit all the stands, but the truth of the matter is that, it is not always possible when you are working against the clock. It makes no difference that Munich Fabric Start spans over 3 days, this is one of Europe’s biggest fabric events, and therefore there is much to see. So if your focus is on the fashion tech space, leaning towards smart fabrics, then the Next Tex showcase could be right up your street.

Next Tex
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The Next Tex Showcase Could Be Right Up Your Street

All about textile innovations and curated by Sourcebook, Next Tex features 13 enterprises exploring the latest fashion tech, future fabrics, AR/VR 3D design and advanced materials. Housed in the Keyhouse, it is a stand that promises attendees an experience centred around cutting edge technology being utilised to enhance the fashion and textile industries. Some of these enterprises include:


Lina Wassong has been keeping us on our toes for a while now. Known for exploring the aesthetic aspects of technology, Wassong’s innovative ways seamlessly connect and communicate. Her design techniques are a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting. Her focus is on combining design and technology to demonstrate the endless possibilities digital fabrication and electronics provide us. On her work Wassong shares, “With my work, I want to push the boundaries and make technology more emotional and appealing. I’m exploring how new creative software, tools, and electronics can be used for fashion design, while also creating more intelligent and interactive pieces. Technology can be aesthetic and fashion is a great interface to showcase its beauty. This combination lets us explore both fields from a new perspective.”

Smart Fabrics
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Skarabeos is all about wearable security for your bag. By focusing on bringing the best and most innovative bags to market, Skarabeos detects pickpocketing attempts. This is done by using smart sensor systems and low-power communication we can preventively alarm the user or his surrounding BEFORE the thief has access to the bag content.


Layla Mueller is a Designer in Residence at ElektroCouture in Berlin. Her fashion tech collection “The Syma Line” was inspired by her enthusiasm for costumes and her extensive experience in the New York fashion industry. The Syma Line is a fashion tech collection that visualizes sound by using a range of innovative techniques to give each outfit a different character. The project aims to explore the symbiosis between music, fashion and science, showcasing the evidence of how sound and frequencies affect the physical world.

Munich Fabric Start
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Besides, Lina Wassong, Skarabeos and Layla de Mue, there are other fashion forward brands at the Keyhouse that are not part of next tex but are making their mark. These include Pyrates, Kassim Denim and of course the Micro Factory.

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If you would like to learn more about Munich Fabric Start’s Keyhouse, then read all about this innovative event here.

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