Will Amazon Alexa Spectacles Be The Google Glass Successor With Mass Appeal?

We have come a long way from the Google Glass, the bold eyewear idea that launched a 1000 more ideas.

As technology shrinks, the smart spec space seems to have come a long way since the short-lived Google Glass bowed out. Although the venture was seen as a failure, I think that it has paved the way for gadgets like Snapchat ‘videocam’ Spectacles and the stylishly discreet Vue smart glasses, that introduced us to bone conduction. Now, if the reports are to be believed, there could be Amazon Alexa spectacles designed to control Alexa among other things.

Amazon smart glasses patent 2015

If some of you can remember, Amazon patented an idea for smart glasses back in 2015. Two years on a report by the Financial Times, has stated that the glasses could be revealed at a product launch event expected to be held soon alongside a home security camera, designed to tie in with its Echo Show video screen.

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With Amazon Echo claiming 76% share of the smart speaker market on the US, their latest offering might already have an audience willing to give them a try. When it comes to the technology, the device will offer a bone-conduction audio system that will transmit sounds directly into the wearer’s head by vibrating the skull.

Vue Smart Glasses
Bone conduction audio technology

I love the idea of a smart assistant who sits within regular spectacles, so I hope that Amazon’s Alexa spectacles will not turn out to be an expensive failure like its Fire smartphone, that cost the online retailer $170 million.

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