FrontRow’s Wearable Camera, Not Just a Device, A New Platform

As wearable cameras prove to be a growing trend, we explore the re-invented $400 camera, FrontRow, that can operate autonomously.

The camera has been re-invented just in time for Fashion Week, next month. Given a suitable name of FrontRow, the fashionably designed device is the perfect tech accessory for the Kadashian generation. Sleek and weighing only 55-grams, the wearable has been designed to capture and share the fabulous life of those in the FROW.

FrontRow Cameras

Wearables For The FROW

Designed by Ubiquiti Labs, a consumer electronics division of Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. , FrontRow has a subtle interlocking connector that provides the flexibility to wear the device with either a lanyard or multi-purpose magnetic clip. Featuring cameras on both sides of the device, the FrontRow camera features a 140 degree wide-view lens combined with a microphone. The must have tech also has a speaker for local playback and an easy-access clickable media button that can be used to quickly start and stop many of FrontRow’s capture functions.


With a standby time of up to 48 hours, the camera is capable of capturing in Story Mode (time-lapse capture of experiences) for up to 16 hours and in Live-Streaming Mode for up to 2 hours. The great thing is, not only can you charge the device on the go but it also has a quick-charge time of around 20 minutes.


Unlike any other camera brought to market, FrontRow is built around a custom 2-inch circular hi-resolution touch screen, that allows instant live streaming on social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. With easy integration to a variety of popular applications like Dropbox and Spotify, the camera also has Bluetooth which gives the device effortless connectivity to smartphones running the FrontRow App. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, provides seamless captured media transfer along with powerful remote control capabilities.

FrontRow Camera

With the ability to access the device remotely, FrontRow’s underlying operating system was designed to be Android-compatible. This was done in an effort to open up 3rd party application development, were users and developers can openly discuss new applications and shape the future of the platform.

Priced $400, the FrontRow camera is available for purchase on and Amazon.

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