3D Foot Scanner True Gault, The Digital Cobbler of the Future

With Nina Garcia, Creative Director of Marie Claire and Project Runway judge announced as part of the True Gault team, it looks like this revolutionary fashion-tech brand might just redefine the relationship between women and their heels.

Women (American) buy more than five hundred million pairs of dress shoes each year – with an estimated 90% of women suffering from an improper fit. True Gault averts shoppers from an endless search for sizes and from settling for pinching, scraping, squeezing, limping and sacrificing style for comfort.

True Gault

Founded by Self-proclaimed ‘geek in high heels, Sandra Gault, True Gault has created its own proprietary patent pending fit formula by pioneering 3D measuring that captures the biomechanics and measurements of each person’s individual foot.  On making customizable high heels accessible to everyone Gault remarked, “I was baffled by the notion that women everywhere simply accept that looking great in high heels means discomfort. With our technology and market model, we’re reinventing the bespoke experience. Each pair of shoes is one-of-a-kind, just like the shopper herself.”

Redefining the Relationship Between Women and Their Heels

Relying on a patented fit formula that uses key measurements to guarantee the perfect fit, True Gault works by downloading their iPhone app, which is currently available on iPhone 5 and up. The app allows you to 3D scan your feet from the comfort of your own home. The process takes less than 15 minutes and once they have your measurements, they’re stored in their database for you to shop and order at any time. The USP of the app is its ability to learn. The more feet the 3D scanner app scans, the smarter it gets, and with over 1000 feet already scanned, it is getting smarter by the foot.

High-tech heels

When it comes to the making of the True Gault shoes, the company has them handmade in Spain. Using only the finest materials, you can select from a variety of colours, leathers, and fabrics. With 19 styles currently available, your personalised shoe can range from booties to heels. Available in 2” or 4” heels, it will take up to 4 weeks for your order to arrive. The great thing is that they have not only dismissed traditional sizing, but they have also ensured that there is no such thing as as ‘out of stock,’ ‘out of season’ or discontinued merchandise.

High-tech heels

True Gault Advisor, Nina Garcia, commented, “What makes me so excited about True Gault is that not only am I a shoe lover, but I have always been a promoter of technology. True Gault is a rare combination that strikes the perfect balance between tech and fashion, solving a widely known problem for the consumer and the industry as a whole.”

“True Gault- Solving a widely known problem for the consumer and the industry as a whole.”

Chosen as 1 of 8 companies selected annually to be a part of Google’s Accelerated Growth Program, True Gault is constantly proving that they truly are the digital cobbler of the future.  True Gault has been in the soft launch phase until now, having already identified proof of concept with over 1,000+ pairs sold to date. Through predictive data, the company is able to analyze customer information and thus get ‘smarter’ as it grows.

True Gault
Self-proclaimed ‘geek in high heels, Sandra Gault and Fashion Guru Nina Garcia

So if you cannot quite afford Thesis Couture‘s $900+ shoes, then why not invest in high-tech heels by True Gault, priced between $250-$350. Tailored by technology, True Gault’s Shoe-ologists guarantee you the best possible fit for each foot. The good news is that all first time shoppers of these high-tech heels will be delivered one pair to confirm their true fit. If the shoes do not fit, then True Gault will adjust them at no extra cost. Making things easier to embrace the new 3d scanning technology. The not so good news is that at present their iPhone App is only available by invitation only and should you manage to grab an exclusive invite, True Gault currently only delivers to the US or Canada.

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