Women of Silicon Roundabout, Blowing Open The Tech Industry

As we prepare to attend the conference, we find ourselves looking forward to being exposed to thought-leadership, interactive panels and deep-dive workshop.

Developing female talent in this booming sector is why FashNerd.com has been championing Women in Tech for a long while now. This is why partnering up with Women of Silicon Roundabout made a lot of sense to us. We want to connect with women who are industry pioneers in the field of technology.

Developing the Future for Women in Tech

Launched in October 2015, Women of Silicon Roundabout are a UK forum for Women in Tech. Their first edition in the series received a 91% rating of excellent from attendees, speakers and sponsors. 95.5% of those involved said they would recommend the conference to an associate or colleague. The second edition was held in October 2016, attracted 650 attendees and received near perfect feedback from all involved.

What we find exciting about Women of Silicon Roundabout is how they are shaking up traditional gender hierarchies in the technology sector. They are doing this by helping people and organisations network, discuss and take action on gender diversity issues. By not shying away from controversy, the forum offers attendees cutting-edge insight into trends and innovations in tech, leadership, soft skills, cultural development and mentorship.

Why Attend

If you need one reason to attend, then we say the unrivaled experience you get makes it worth while. This is a conference were attendees from across the tech ecosystem can come together for content, networking and inspiration, this is an event where you get to hear and learn from the stories and experiences of successful women and men in tech.

With in-depth workshops designed to advance and develop their soft skills, you will become immersed in knowledge at one of our deep-dive technical classes on future trends and technical innovations.

So if you are looking to supercharge your career through insight and networking, then we look forward to seeing you at the Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference on Thursday 11th May 2017. It starts at 10.30am and it will be located at the Tobacco Dock, London

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