5 Out of the Box Innovations Elevating and Accelerating The Direction Of Design

The shift in fashion’s landscape, triggered by innovations in the technology space, has led to some exciting things that have taken place in the last 12 months. These milestones promise the potential of what could be. So as we can look forward to change, elevating and accelerating the fashion industry, we share some of our favorite out-of-the-box ideas.

MATERIAL: Bio Skin Fabric

Innovation, Design and Technology

The MIT Media Lab have come up with some amazing prototypes and one of those is Bio Skin. A reactive intelligent textile that reacts to body moisture, MIT partnered up with Royal College of Art to come up with a bio skin fabric that peels back in reaction to sweat and humidity. High sensitive bacteria cells expand and contract in reaction to moisture, transforming the material when the wearer warms up. Built-in flaps peel back to provide ventilation and cooling. The exciting thing about this product is that it might not be a prototype in a lab for too long, because there are whispers that they are working with New Balance on ways to incorporate the fabric into sportswear.

PACKAGING: Saltwater Brewery

Innovation, Design and Technology

There is a packaging that has been designed to not kill animals, but instead feed them. A brainchild of Florida based Saltwater Brewery, the 100% biodegradable, compostable and edible six pack rings has been devised using wheat and barley remnants from the brewing process. Saltwater Brewery claims that their product is as resistant and efficient as the plastic rings currently used by the majority of drink brands. Saltwater brewery hopes that their creative solution of closed loop bioplastic will inspire the rest of the industry to follow.


Innovation, Design and Technology

Nike has not been shy when it comes to experimenting with the latest technological innovations. Our favourite has to be the football shoes that prevent mud sticking to the sole. This is a solution that is all about performance enhancement using adaptive materials to protect the shoe. They have achieved this by coating the sole plates with an adaptive polymer that reacts when exposed to water, creating a hydrophilic lubricant that prevents mud from clogging and players from losing their footing.


Innovation, Design and Technology

In 2016, eBay launched the first online virtual reality department store in partnership with Australian retailer Myer. Highlighting eBay’s Sight Search technology, the brand’s USP was the ability to offer their customers the opportunity to browse, select items and add to cart by simply holding their gaze over the product. Delivering content through virtual technologies and algorithms, eBay wants the consumer to be able to push boundaries, which could in the future include bringing a friend into the experience with them.

3D PRINTING: Modeclix

Innovation, Design and Technology

Modeclix is a concept collection of 3D-printed garments created by the Digital Hack Lab at the University of Hertfordshire. The UK based lab is working in collaboration with 3D specialist Electrobloom. We love how the printed textiles are flexible enough to resemble traditional fabrics. Another plus is that you can assemble using traditional ways, whether that be weaving, stitching and knitting. Wearable and highly customizable, the collection is a great example of how close we are to being just a step away from seeing 3D printed garments on the high street.

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