Meet the Modern Day Power Couples Rocking the Fashion Tech Space

Although the term “power couple” is thrown around so much today, we think that should not stop us from celebrating fashion tech's most formidable couples.

With the merger still in its infancy, the fashion tech space is not only small, it is very small. Among the makers, publishers and creatives, fashion tech power players are proving that two heads are better than one.

Making mixing romance with a work look easy, these next-gen fashion tech couple’s are striking a balance between their eclectic personalities and entrepreneurial spirit. Clearly defining and re-defining the term #relationshipgoals, these following couples are currently making positive waves in the fashion tech space.

THE DESIGNERS: Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz

Fashion Tech
Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz

One of the most recognisable names in fashion tech, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz are not only partners in life, they are also the design duo behind CuteCircuit. The founders, share their passion for future fashion worldwide participating in conferences, campaigns, and events on the subjects of innovation, STEM education, and fashion design. They launched their fashion tech brand back in 2004, and focus on creating fashion wearable technology collections.

THE ORGANISERS: Anita Tillmann and Ole Tillmann

Fashion Tech
Anita Tilman and Ole Tilman

With a combination of movie star good looks and impressive little black book, you cannot deny that Anita and Ole Tilman are a glamorous pair. In an interview with Fashion Fusion, Anita admitted that she and her husband are addicted to fashion and technology. It was this shared a passion that led to the well connected duo launched #FASHIONTECH Berlin. The annual event is a framework for innovation, know-how and exchange of ideas. Ambitious and making things happen, they are definitely an inspirational twosome to watch.

THE COMMUNICATORS: Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano ten Napel

Fashion Tech
Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano ten Napel

Reluctant to be included, husband and wife team, Mano ten Napel and Muchaneta Kapfunde are the perfect representation of the merger of fashion (Muchaneta) and technology (Mano). Complimenting each other in both their personal and professional lives, they founded FashNerd back in January 2015, becoming one of the fastest growing digital magazines in the fashion tech space. Driven to translate technology in a fashion voice, FashNerd is unique because its foundation is based on the need to start an open conversation. The influential couple does not seek to shape opinion, but instead they want to arm readers with knowledge so they can approach the ever evolving fashion tech space with  an open mind.

THE VISIONARIES: Sylvia Heisel and Scott Taylor

Fashion Tech
Sylvia Heisel and Scott Taylor

New York-based couple Sylvia Heisel and her husband and design partner Scott Taylor have been exploring how technology and new materials can be integrated for a long while now.  Celebrated pioneers in this space, they have gained attention for designing and creating sustainable, one-of-a-kind and wearable pieces. Recently, they created 3D printed garments, that included a carbon fiber dress and a stunning 3D printed coat made from Ninjaflex flexible filament.

THE RETAILERS: José Neves and Daniela Neves

Retail Tech

Modern day fashion powerhouse, José and Daniela Neves, have been paving their way in the fashion and retail tech space for a number of years now. You can say that José, who is the CEO of Farfetch and his wife, Daniela, who is the CEO of ASAP54, are sartorially successful together. As the merger between fashion and technology slowly becomes one we are sure that they will continue to make the kind of waves in eCommerce, that will get us sitting up and taking notice. 

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