VITALI Smart Bra, Meet Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

With $34,076 of their $50,000 goal already pledged, it seems like everyone is talking about the VITALI Smart Bra. Attracting the right kind of attention, their Kickstarter campaign already has 184 pledges with still 28 days still to go.

More than just a bra, the VITALI Smart Bra has fabric-based sensors that track your breathing, posture and heart rate variability (HRV). Honing in on key indicators of the balance between stress and your wellbeing, the bra gives biofeedback that lets you know if an unbalance is detected. This then allows you to take action, such as taking a deep breath which will effectively get you back on track. Following these cues, your guide will help you sync your breath with your heart’s rhythm, by mindfully training your reaction so you are always in-control.

Smart Bra
The Vitali Smart Bra

Designed to be the kind of wellness coach that collects your vitals, the bra can be comfortably worn all day. Created with sweat wicking mesh, the bra is a mixture of spandex and nylon and comes with a beautiful GEM. The GEM is the mind of VITALI. It recognizes your pattern and gives real-time feedback via gentle taps. As the mind, GEM understands how different body indicators interact by analysing your Heart Rate Variability, which is a key physiological metric, to provide suggestion at vital moments of stress and unbalance.

Running on both Android and iOS, tech specs include, the ability to run up to two days on a single charge, should the battery run out it can be fully charged in 2 hours.  Water, rain, splash, sweat resistant, my favourite feature is the reminder. The VITALI bra reminds you to sit up because your breathing quality improves with posture. VITALI believes that “good breathing doesn’t happen without good posture”.

“Good breathing doesn’t happen without good posture”

Accompanied by an app that tracks progress, you will be able to receive coaching cues that allow you to be in touch with yourself in a way that works for your lifestyle.  Available in 5 sizes, and two colours (black and white) and two styles,  the bra has been tailored to meet your everyday needs.

Smart Bra
The Vitali Smart Bra Coach

With an estimated delivery date of 18th February 2018, we recommend that you take advantage of the early bird offer of $129. It will save you $120 of the recommended retail price of $249. Your $129 pledge will get you the Personal Kit which includes 1 smart bra, 1 GEM, 1 charger + cable and My VITALI app. You can fund the VITALI bra campaign through Kickstarter. FUND IT.

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