New Ringly Collection, Offers Beauty, But Nothing Else

We are always excited by something shiny and new. So when we heard that Ringly was launching a new collection, we could not wait to hear all about.

News of Ringly’s new collection gave us a moment of excitement. We imagined it unleashing exciting technology encased in beautiful jewellery. Hopeful and wanting to know more, you can imagine our disappointment when we quickly realized that the celebrated tech accessory company had launched the same old tech just in a prettier outfit.

Ringly Spring 2017 Collection

The new range of rings and bracelets offer exactly the same technology as seen in past collections. With nothing new to tantalize us with, I guess we should not be surprised that Ringly made the decision to stick to the same formula. Technology wise, there is nothing really out there that would work with Ringly’s brand outlook, well at least nothing that we have heard about. The result is a new collection that offers wearers the opportunity to lead a more healthy and balanced lifestyle with the same tech as before. For those unfamiliar with Ringly, they are an accessory company famous for launching a collection of tech jewelry that embraces the concept of maintaining peace without sacrificing ones personal style.

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Although we were disappointed with what they had to offer, there is no denying that the new line of accessories is aesthetically pleasing. Besides promising you a more organised lifestyle, the beautifully made activity trackers have also been designed to keep you informed of the number of steps you have taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Integrated with more than 100 applications, the pretty fitness wearable will not only help you manage your personal health goals, but it will also keep you connected so you do not miss any key notifications.

Ringly Spring 2017 Collection

On their recent launch, Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando d’Avignon said, “We believe your jewelry should not only be beautiful but also smart. Whether at the dinner table, out with friends, or in an important meeting, Ringly allows you to stay on top of your daily activity and mobile alerts so you never miss a beat, but aren’t glued to your phone.”

Ringly Spring 2017 Collection

Crafted with various semi-precious stones such as howlite, white moonstone, Amazonite, and purple jade, known, Ringly’s newest collection will be priced around $165. Available in shiny gold, rose gold, and silver styles, each piece will operate within a 20- to 30- foot range of your smart phone.

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