Project ISSHO: The Intelligent Denim Jacket By Pauline van DONGEN

Today Pauline van Dongen’s camp shared some excited news on the launch of their latest project named ISSHO. Centred around an intelligent denim jacket, the innovation is in the touch sensors integrated by means of conductive yarns woven into the denim fabric. The jacket responds by offering gentle strokes on the upper back, inviting the wearer to be more aware of the present moment.

Partnering up with collaborator ItalDenim and researcher Isabel Berentzen, van Dongen brings to our attention an intelligent denim jacket that learns the wearer’s behaviours by responding to intimate touches. Acting as a mediator, the jacket revives the wearer’s experiences in daily life through bodily sensations whilst encouraging the wearer to be present in the moment.


On the project, visionary designer Pauline shared, “With Issho we intend to open up the scope, to move away from focussing on quantifiable data and look at the way technology impacts and shapes the relationship between humans and the world in a rather soft and embodied manner.”

Described as an exhilarating experience by some attendees of SXSW 2017, the Issho project, which was part of the New Dutch Wave, a platform at the event where Pauline shared her overall outlook on wearable technology.

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