Jiobit ‘Invisible’ Wearables For Kids, Designed To Free The Wrist

Jiobit, the world’s smallest and longest lasting smart tag designed to make parenting less scary.

It seems that when it comes to the merger of technology and children, the majority of devices are focused on safety. One of these kid tech wearables embracing the natural need a parent has to protect their offspring is Chicago based company Jiobit.

Jiobit is a reliable GPS tracker with the ability to track your child’s location on demand. Using a combination of Bluetooth, Wifi, Multiple Cellular Networks, GPS and sensors, Jiobit has been designed to provide accurate locations at any distance and in multi-level venues.

Founded by John Renaldi (CEO) and Roger Ady (CTO), all the magic takes place at Jiobit’s development center in Silicon Valley. Helping them go from idea to market is a team of seasoned designers, marketers, engineers, and parents with a history of building innovative consumer products.

Jio CEO, John Renaldi, was inspired by his daughter and son who were less than enthusiastic responding to kids smartwatches.

Tiny, durable and waterproof, Jiobit is soft and lightweight wearable designed with the kind of technology that can go unnoticeable. Blending seamlessly into the background, we are confident that parents will love the fact that the Jiobit wearable will not interfere with your child’s activity or play. Instead, it allows you to set a virtual “safety harness” where you will receive an audible alert should your child wander too far.

Jiobit has been designed to manage a parent’s natural anxiety in various everyday situations such as when your child walks or takes the bus to school alone. Jiobit automatically learns regular routes and locations, which means that you will immediately know if your child does not arrive at their destination on time.

Jiobit’s objective is to balance the need to raise independent kids with keeping them safe. Which, in our eyes, makes it a wonderful addition to any family. Available for pre-order sometime in 2017, you can invest in Jiobit by signing up for pre-order regular updates.

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