When Fashion Doesn’t Have The Technology, It Should Build It!

We all know that Will-i-am is a nerd at heart. The musician has not been shy about his passion for the ever evolving technology space. So much so that the founding shareholder in Beats Electronics, has been leveraging his experience to fuse the worlds of fashion, music and technology.

In this week’s video pick we turn to BoF. The entrepreneur was interviewed by LVMH chief digital officer Ian Rogers at VOICES, BoF’s new annual gathering of big thinkers in partnership with the QIC Global Real Estate.

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We encourage you to take a moment to watch the wide-ranging conversation between the two men. Spanning over 20 minutes, the twosome discussed many things, including the cross-disciplinary among software engineers, fashion designers and content makers. They agreed that cross-disciplinary is giving creatives the opportunity to explore the rise of voice interfaces and artificial intelligence. Continuing on the topic of collaborations Will.i.am warned, “Fashion doesn’t have technology, but they should build it, don’t collaborate. I’m a believer, and I believe in putting teams together. I like dot connectors, problem solvers, people who try to solve riddles.” 

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