The Scarfi VR App, Bridging the Gap Between The Physical and Digital Worlds

Scarfi, The VR Try-On App that is all about allowing shoppers to dive into the world of the designer.

We recently discovered a new VR app with a difference. Launched exclusively at Westfield London, the Scarfi app was created via a partnership with British Designer Emma J Shipley, Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) and Meshmerise.

Emma Shipley
Emma Shipley

What makes this app a wonderful fashion tech accessory is that, using smart phone technology, it not only allows you to virtually ‘try on’ Emma Shipley’s beautiful scarves but it allows you to also personalise your styling experience. The ‘try before you buy’ app encourages consumers to use VR technology to virtually create their unique outfit with Emma’s fifteen pieces from the AW16 Collection plus one exclusive design from the SS17 collection.

Emma Shipley and Matt Drinkwater | Photo Credit: Matt Drinkwater
Emma Shipley and Matt Drinkwater | Photo Credit: Matt Drinkwater

So who is Emma J Shipley? Emma is a graphic artist who specializes in fine drawing, luxury scarves and Womenswear. The Royal College of Art and graduate is inspired by the patterns in nature, their innate irregularity and the mathematical structures behind them. Winner of the Emerging Fashion Brand prize at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards and the RISE Newcomer Award at the UK Fashion & Textile Awards, presented by HRH Princess Anne, Emma is definitely one to watch.


The collaboration between the trio has the potential to break barriers within retail tech.  We love how their user friendly app makes the collection come to life through animation which can then be shared through social media. On the partnership Emma said: “I’m really excited to launch my new Scarfi app exclusively at The Village, Westfield London, offering customers the chance to try on my scarves virtually for the first time, as well as entering the imaginative world of my illustrations and designs. I hope it will bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds of my brand; offering a new experience for the customer that’s playful as well as practical. The feature scarf from the upcoming Spring Summer ‘17 Sirens collection will be debuting exclusively on the Scarfi app at Westfield London, to digitally try on, watch the design come to life and pre-order.”

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When it comes to the technology behind the app, look no further than Meshmerise. They are a newly-founded fashion tech-startup with expertise in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Computer Graphics. Working together with Emma and FIA, they introduced an interactive and immersive Augmented Reality platform where fashion brands and designers can showcase their collections directly to their customers. On the collaboration Dr. Alexandros Neophytou, CEO Meshmerise said, “Shopping is forever changing, becoming more immersive and more personal. Our mission is to be at the forefront of that change. We are creating a unique, shareable and “meshmerising” virtual try-on experience, allowing shoppers to dive into the world of the designer. In terms of fashion and technology shopping innovations, “Scarfi” has the potential to change the face of retail as it’s a next-generation integrated platform of online and physical. Partnerships such as this allow us to trial virtual reality services and ultimately enhance the shopping experience.” 


The Scarfi app is just the beginning. We will not be surprised if virtual try-on revolutionises the way consumers experience fashion. Such technology gives designers a brilliant platform to showcase their collections. We think Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion summoned it up best when he said, “The advances in augmented and virtual technologies are blurring the lines between physical and digital”


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