The Greenest Sneakers Made From Recycled Carbon Dioxide Emissions

With the words, "The problem is not solved by just scientists and engineers, it is also solved by designers and creatives", we found ourselves inspired.

Since carbon capture technologies became feasible and affordable, scientists and environmentalists have been working to figure out what to do with all that carbon dioxide. Now it seems that CO2 has been turned into a product, by optimistic scientists who have managed to focus on turning a bio product into something useful. Introducing the first athletic shoe that uses recaptured CO2 as a building block.

This short video, brings to our attention to a pair of sneakers that have been designed without a foot print. Created by energy company NRG, the sneakers, first introduced at New York Fashion Week, have been made entirely out of recycled carbon dioxide.  Not for sale, these ordinary white sneakers are amazingly 75 percent gaseous waste captured from power plants and turned into a polymer. On the shoe, Gin Kinney, vice president of NRG Business Solutions shared, “Shoes serve functional purposes; they serve fashion purposes. And shoes are relatable and produced on a massive scale. That relates to our end goal in solving for carbon emissions—reuse carbon emissions in viable, everyday products that can be scaled for larger applications.”


Impressive? Definitely. Making it time to #ReimagineCO2. Although these sneakers might not solve the current CO2 crisis, but at least a conversation is taking place that might hopefully lead to viable innovations that would be made available to buy.

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