When EarPods Became Airpods and Why This Was Inevitable

We wondered for a while if the new iPhone 7 would come with Hearables? There were a lot of rumors out there about what innovation will be announced at Apple’s next event. In our pre-write up on the rumors, the predictions we picked as likely to be true where funnily enough confirmed by Apple. Personally, I am most excited about Apple showing off what should have been their ‘One more thing…‘ device. This phrase was often used by Steve Jobs when he introduced something big and unexpected. During the event, the ‘One more thing…’ device for me were Apple’s brand new AirPods.

Apple’s Airpods come with a charging case that adds another 24 hours battery life

EarPods, AirPods, they only differ in two letters right? Well, actually, not really. With Apple making this (to some) bold move, simply isn’t just about getting rid of the tangled-up wire problem that we are all familiar with. Nor is it to offer a solution for the fact that the iPhone 7 and 7 plus no longer feature a headphone jack. Believing in a completely wireless future, the new product is the first real big move in a direction that is going to affect the way we all experience technology. In the long run it will make it easier for consumers to embrace future enhancements. Plus like almost every other Apple product, you will definitely make quite a fashion statement when you wear it.

An additional accelerometer in each AirPod detects when you’re speaking, enabling a pair of beam-forming microphones to focus on the sound of your voice, filtering out external noise to make your voice sound clearer than ever before.

Besides getting rid of the wires, ‘Hearables’ are packed with technology and stacked with new features. They come with a much richer sound than the regular EarPods and with a new W1 chip. The first of its kind, the microcircuit makes it possible to rely on being intuitively connected whilst transmitting sound, uninterruptedly. The pods are equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect when they are worn. This way, they can save power because they will turn off once the pods are taken out your ear. Offering 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. Conveniently, it only takes a simple tap to immediately set up your AirPods. If the device is signed into your iCloud account. They also come with a motion accelerometer which gives you quick access to Siri on your Apple Watch or iPhone.


The Apple buds are the beginning of, what this hearable tech enthusiast would like to call, an intuitive and contextual voice-command future. A future where [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]’voice command’ is going to be the new OS, taking over commerce, search and basically, the way we get things done.[/inlinetweet] This is the first and inevitable step towards an era where technology can make a real difference, just as it is supposed to. At least in the context of convenience. The new Apple-designed AirPods include a charging-case and will be available on Apple.com for $159 on a date that, due to unforeseen circumstances, yet still needs to be disclosed.

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