The Apple Watch Series 2 Tear Down, A Look Under the Hood

When it comes to iFixit, the most famous tear down company on the net, no relevant new device is safe.  The unapologetic techies are famed for pulling apart devices and sharing ‘under the hood’ information. This time round it was the Apple Watch Series 2 that had to lift its skirt up so iFixit can take a look.

iFixit Apple Watch Tear Down

Opening up Apple’s latest Wearable tech device revealed that the 38mm model had a significant battery change. A 273 mAh battery replaced the former 205 mAh of the original 38mm model. This is 33% larger, but doesn’t offer longer battery life because of the extra GPS features and a brighter display.

Besides that, iFixit confirmed that they stumbled upon a brand new S2 chip, the addition of a second microphone, new antenna module with GPS, a bigger Taptic Engine for haptic feedback and a completely new speaker design. This speaker will fill with water, then vibrate to pump out excess water from the body of the speaker.

iFixit Apple Watch Tear Down The tear down also revealed that the watch’s adhesive is much stronger. This basically means that the separation of the parts was harder than they realized. Which could suggest that Apple’s latest watch has better water resistance, which means that you can take the device for a swim up to 50 meters deep. However, the Watch does have its limits, and Apple advises not to use the watch during water sports like deep water diving.

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